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What Terry Smith IS SAYING

Financial Times – ESG? SRI? Is your green portfolio really green?

18 January, 2018 | By Terry Smith

You decide to buy a car. You tell the dealer you want to be environmentally responsible and trust him to supply something appropriate. You had an electric car in mind but he supplies a hybrid. Not too bad, but when it arrives you find that the internal-combustion part of the power plant is a diesel supplied by a German maker caught lying about emissions.

Financial Times – AstraZeneca is beginning to look like Tesco

04 August, 2017 | By Terry Smith

It might be tempting to view last week’s fall in the AstraZeneca share price in isolation, related to the results of the “Mystic” lung cancer drug trial. However, I suspect that AstraZeneca’s problems go much deeper than a setback for a single drug.

Financial Times – The unique advantage of equity investment

20 April, 2017 | By Terry Smith

Investment in stocks and shares – equities – has a unique advantage over other asset classes which in my experience is rarely understood and almost never discussed. Equities can compound in value in a way that investments in other asset classes, such as bonds and real estate, cannot. The reason for this is quite simple: companies retain a portion of the profits they generate to reinvest in the business.

Financial Times: Emerging Markets ETFs and the Jaws of Death

19 February, 2017 | By Terry Smith

In his latest article and podcast for FT Money, Terry Smith discusses why it may seem a strange position for an active fund manager to adopt but he is in favour of passive or index investment; the problems with emerging market ETFs; and the types of companies that these ETFs invest in.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to emerging markets

01 August, 2014 | By Terry Smith

In my last column for FT Money* I tried to get to the bottom of why so many investors have had such a bad experience pursuing the superior economic growth in emerging markets. This begs a further question: is there a better way to invest in the developing world?

Why buy BRICs when you can have MUGs?

11 April, 2014 | By Terry Smith

If you were willing to invest on the basis of a snappy acronym with no regard for the economic and political characteristics of the countries, perhaps you should have subscribed for a fund investing in a group of countries which each rank a little ahead of the Brics in terms of Economic Freedom.

What did you invest in before the war, great grandpa?

07 March, 2014 | By Terry Smith

In this centenary year of what contemporaries called the Great War and we now call the first world war – because it became necessary to number them – what can we learn from the changes in the constituents of the stock market over the intervening century?

Big Blue investors may not have a winning hand

22 February, 2014 | By Terry Smith

In 2011, the legendary investor Warren Buffett caused a stir by announcing Berkshire Hathaway’s first major investment in a technology company, an area of the market he had always avoided, claiming that he didn’t understand it.