Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust Share Offer Closes 20th June

One Small Step

For Fundsmith.

Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust, or FEET as we like to call it, will be invested using the same strategy as the Fundsmith Equity Fund but with one added dimension: the companies invested in by FEET will have the majority of their operations in, or revenue derived from, Developing Economies and will provide direct exposure to the rise of the consumer classes in those countries.

Same Fund Manager
Same Unique Investment Process
Same No Nonsense
Same Discipline
Same Sectors
Same Methodology
Same Inactivity
Same Total Alignment of Interest
Same High Conviction

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Issue of Equity

24 April, 2018 15:24:55 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

24 April, 2018 10:18:45 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

23 April, 2018 09:28:15 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

20 April, 2018 08:41:53 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

19 April, 2018 09:52:46 | By Fundsmith

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Financial Times: Emerging Markets ETFs and the Jaws of Death

19 February, 2017 | By Terry Smith

In his latest article and podcast for FT Money, Terry Smith discusses why it may seem a strange position for an active fund manager to adopt but he is in favour of passive or index investment; the problems with emerging market ETFs; and the types of companies that these ETFs invest in.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to emerging markets

01 August, 2014 | By Terry Smith

In my last column for FT Money* I tried to get to the bottom of why so many investors have had such a bad experience pursuing the superior economic growth in emerging markets. This begs a further question: is there a better way to invest in the developing world?

Why buy BRICs when you can have MUGs?

11 April, 2014 | By Terry Smith

If you were willing to invest on the basis of a snappy acronym with no regard for the economic and political characteristics of the countries, perhaps you should have subscribed for a fund investing in a group of countries which each rank a little ahead of the Brics in terms of Economic Freedom.



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